Autumn 2017

‘Skin and Bone’, the alternative percussion trio, has a gig at Dubrek Studios, Derby. This is on October 13th at 7-30pm. £5 on the door or £3 booking in advance.

The anti-choir Juxtavoices has a gig on 14th October at Sheffield General Cemetry, 7-30pm. In addition there will be a number of other sets with some big names, including Derby’s own Corey Mwamba!

On November 2nd at ‘Claptrap’ in Stourbridge, I will be performing with the amazing percussionist Mark Sanders, in a duo. 7pm. We will be performing a live soundtrack to the famous film of ‘Nosferatu’ by Murnau.

November 11th I will be doing a gig with ‘Murmurists’ at St Margaret’s Church, Rufford Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester. 7pm This will be a total spectacle with 100 musicians, projection, live performance and dance. Don’t miss out on this highly special occasion.

The next day, November 12 th I will be with ‘Murmurists’ again, this time in a smaller ensemble in Liverpool. It’s part of the famous artist John Hyatt’s Rock Art Exhibition at Club Big. 7pm.

December 7th I will be playing with South Leicester Improvisers Ensemble (SLIE). 8pm at Quad Studios, Friday Street, Leicester.

In November I start rehearsals with a new trio with myself, Mark Hanslip on saxes and Phil Morton on guitar and effects. We will be doing gigs in 2018.
Phil Morton on guitar from Liverpool, myself and saxophonist Mark Hanslip had a really constructive and exciting rehearsal at Yellowarch, Sheffield on Nov 15th.

We are looking to do gigs in 2018, after a further rehearsal on January 24th.

My gig producing a live soundtrack for Murnau’s film, ‘Nosferatu’, went really well at Claptrap in Stourbridge. It was in a trio ‘Alchemy / Schmalchemy’ with Geoff Bright on saxes and Gillian Whiteley on keyboards. A change of line-up there. Claptrap is a super venue and I hope to be doing a gig there next year.

Some very interesting gigs and projects are lined up for 2018, with more details to come in the new year.