Live Art & Cross-disciplinary Projects

Walt's statement:

My working life over four decades or so has been split into two parts.

The former years were spent in the world of Biology and Science in general and the last 25 years as a musician and artist. However, I never felt as though some epiphany took place philosophically. I feel no fundamental contradictions in these approaches to my thinking, more differences in how we search for meaning and order.

Much of my live art work has endeavoured to resolve the apparent separateness of perceptions of ourselves and the world around us from a scientific viewpoint and from an artistic perspective. It is a journey of a personal attempt at some kind of synthesis. So many of my solo projects in particular have sought to explore tensions between apparent order and chaos, logic and emotion / intuition.

In all the live art work, sound has played a huge role. I saw live art and installation as a method of integrating my love of sound exploration with the visual aesthetic and philosophical ideas.

Solo Projects
Collaborative Projects