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Spring 2022

At the moment I have work at the Creative Melbourne Gallery, Wellington House, Church Street, Melbourne. DE73 8EJ
It’s part of an exhibition, ‘Light and Shade’, which runs from March 30th to April 23rd.
The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday.
Check out this exciting show while it is still on.

I will have a one person exhibition at the Dubrek Gallery, starting on May 2nd until the end of that month on 31st May.
Dubrek has only recently moved into this wonderful new space at 67, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB
It’s next door to Banks Mill, studios, and gallery.
Watch out for exciting news soon about a performance I will be involved with in the space during the exhibition.
Many thanks to Jay Dean and Jonny Hill for making this possible.

The Martin Archer trio now has released an album, ‘See You Soon Or See You Sometime’, on the Discus label.
It has Martin on saxophones, Michael Bardon on bass and myself on percusion.
A must to check out!

Finally, I have been invited to play Marsden Jazz Festival in October with Laura Cole ( piano and poetry ), Faye MacCalman ( Sax ) and Lara Jones ( sax and electronic soundscapes )
It will be part of an ongoing project, ‘Pursuance’, involving my imagery, Laura’s poetry, interacting, and Faye and Lara responding too with sounds.
The gig will take place in The Mechanics Hall, Marsden, Yorkshire on the afternoon of Saturday, October 8th.
After 30 years of evolving, Marsden Jazz Festival is now one of the leading festivals in the UK for Jazz, Improvisation and Contemporary Sounds.

October 2021

I am continuing to contribute pieces monthly to The United Isolation Ensemble.

The Martin Archer trio album with myself on percussion and Michael Bardon on bass will be out on Discus early next year.

I will be doing a gig at Marsden Jazz Festival 2022, celebrating my ongoing collaboration with musician / poet Laura Cole.
My paintings will be shown along with Laura reciting her poems, all accompanied by music from myself on percussion, Laura on piano, Faye MacCalman on sax and Lara Jones electronic soundscapes.

August 2021

In late August I will be up in Sheffield doing a studio album with Martin Archer on saxes and Michael Bardon on bass. The trio will be out on the Discus label later in the year.

January 2021

I’m really pleased to say that I have been selected as part of the top ten album art for 2020 by “A Closer Listen

Autumn – 2020

I have a collaboration with my good friend Laura Cole, pianist, composer and poet.

I have worked with Laura in the last few years in a small band, “Deep Tide Quartet”, along with Martin Archer and Kim Macari, and also in the larger groups Juxtavoices and “Engine Room Favourites”.

I am responding with paintings, drawings and constructions to poems and prose written by Laura. I use the word “response” deliberately, as my work will not be illustrations of the poems, but more internalised emotional dialogues with the texts. This is an inspirational source for me and it’s possible that another layer of the collaboration may be that Laura in turn produces some piano improvisations / compositions in response to my visual responses. This circularity of layering acts almost as a continuous, durational performance, almost a kind of synaesthesia.

In these difficult Covid times it’s more important than ever that artists continue to share, collaborate, and together innovate possibly new forms of digital creative process.

The collaboration will be documented as it unfolds.

We call the collaboration “Pursuance”, after one of the poems.