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July 2014

Well I guess the biggest piece of news is that my website is up and running.

That’s very exciting. It’s been a while in preparation and in so doing has helped me sort out a fair amount of archival material and has helped organise my thinking.

I do hope you find something of interest on here and any feedback would be very welcome.

A huge thanks to Pan of ‘Applebox Designs‘ for the site construction and being so patient with my semi-sane ramblings at times.

In the last couple of months, I have become involved in another exciting project, simply known as ‘432’ It’s based on the frequency 432 Hz, but the project will explore the arena of altered states of consciousness resulting from sound, touching on synaesthesia, cymatics, intention and the relationship of sound to visual imagery and physicality.

We are working in Birmingham under the project leadership of Soesen Edan. In the group are musicians, visual artists, performance artists, and other multi-disciplinary artists. We have advice too from Dr Ian S. Baker of the Psychology Dept of Derby University.

The project will reach fruition in the shape of an installation with performance at some point. We are still dealing with a number of funding issues currently.

So again more about this as it unfolds.

Next year I will be doing a two-man show with the Birmingham artist Andrew Coates. We share many similarities of approach with our assemblage work and think we’ll get a very interesting exhibition together. It’ll take place at Artsmith, Derby.

The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere have all been working hard on their second album, which is reaching completion fairly soon. It should be released in the autumn months.

Engine Room Favourites are mid tour with Northern Line. The 24th of July is the gig at Manchester Jazz Festival. They have several further dates to play.