Autumn news

I will be doing a solo set at Dubrek on October 26th, 7-30pm. It will be percussion with electronics.


After a very successful gig at Marsden Jazz Festival with the Pursuance project, with Laura Cole, we are looking to develop the project further, with future gigs.
We are honoured to have been commissioned by Marsden Jazz Festival to have performed there.
Future performances will include myself, Laura Cole, Charlotte Keefe, Faye MacCalman and Lara Jones.

I am part of a new 4 piece band “Yowl”
We will be doing a gig at Dubrek, Derby, on the Saturday evening of February 18th.
‘Yowl’ is Gillian Whiteley, Geoff Bright, Lyn Hodnett and myself.
It has saxophones, hurdy gurdy, piano, percussion, cello and voices.
It’s a whirlwind of sound.