May / June 2015

Work for my duo show with Andy Coates continues at a pace. We’re assembling publicity material and are both very excited about it. It’ll be at Artsmith Live from August 1st to August 15th. The exhibition will consist of constructed sculptures, free-standing and relief, assemblages and collages. They are made from wood, metal, plastics and a variety of objects, carefully chosen from urban, rural, and coastal sites as well as from junk stalls, charity shops, skips etc. The objects have their own resonances and histories, but the juxtaposition of different types produces a magic, where each participant celebrates the other.

The exhibition will open and close with a music performance. Have a look at my upcoming gigs. The closure one will feature some amazing national and international stars, including Derby’s very own and special Corey Mwamba.

Juxtavoices will be featured on BBC, Radio 3 in the next few weeks. Myself and Geraldine Monk will be talking about Juxtavoices. I’ll announce the actual date shortly.

I’m busy working on the next stage of ‘Alchemy / Schmalchemy’ with Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley ready for a performance at Manchester Metropolitan University in July.

Meanwhile ‘Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere’ are busy with rehearsing for upcoming gigs and ‘Engine Room Favourites’ have their new CD out on Discus, ‘Bad Tidings From Slackwater Drag’.

I’m also in a new band along with Alan Jenkins and 3 other fine musicians. It’s ‘Dr Schwitters and The Gathering Brow’, performing at the closure of Alan’s show at Artsmith on May 15th.

Work has begun on a project I’m involved with on the subject of Frida Kahlo and women artists in general. It’s with some fine musicians from the Leeds and London scene, led by Philomena Campus and Laura Cole.