October-November 2016

I finished off August playing a lovely gig with the Canadian musician Chris Meloche. The band also included Martin Archer, Nick Robinson, Herve Perez, and Chris Bywater.

The big event in October is the festival of contemporary music that I’m involved with in ‘Out Front’. It starts on Oct 22nd and runs to the 26th.

There’ll be a host of exciting bands in Derby. I’ll be playing with WHM on the 26th at the Voicebox (6pm) WHM will have Lorin Halsall and Alan Jenkins as guests within the festival (which is called ‘The Week’) Get all the details on www.outfront-em.co.uk Click on ‘The Week’.

Straight after I’m playing The 3 Cranes in Sheffield on the 27th, as part of Centrifuge, from 7-30pm.

Also part of Centrifuge I’m playing Fizzle, The Lamp, Barford Street, Birmingham on November 15th, from 7pm.

Nov 16th I’m playing The Lescar in Sheffield with Marin Archer, Geoff Bright, Corey Mwamba and Kris T Reeder.

Meanwhile I’ll be rehearsing with the percussion quartet ‘Skin & Bone’ and also with Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley in readiness for a Live Art performance at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery in December.