Summer news

‘Skin and Bone’ are playing at Nottingham Street Art Festival at 2pm on Saturday August 6th. ‘Skin and Bone’ are an exciting percussion / electronics trio of myself, Greg Rawson and George Grignon. The gig is at The Surface Gallery, 16, Southwell Road, NG1 1DL. Free. All welcome!

Preparations are going apace for the Marsden Jazz Festival performance of the ‘Pursuance” project. We are myself (percussion / electronics) Laura Cole (Piano and text) Faye MacCalman (sax) Lara Jones (sax and electronics) We are on at 4pm, Saturday October 6th , in St Bartholomew’s Church, Marsden. There will be some of my paintings on show, projections of my work and some amazing music. Not to be missed.