Collaborative Projects: Mahood

'Mahood' live art collaborations with Graham Foster 2004 to present

In addition to pure music gigs 'Mahood' carried out a number of projects that fused live art with their improvisatory music (see music section). For example, an installation and live performance in the watertower of the Kunsthalle, Lingen, Germany, June 2006

'Pile of Rubble' installation and live performance at Osnabruck Bienalle, 'Wahlverwandtschaften' in the Dominikankirche. July / August 2006.

Several other live art performances were carried out by Mahood in this country, such as in Sheffield, Birmingham, Draycott, Leicester, Derby, and at music festivals.

Mahood / BET4motion - Rubble extract

All music, images and video footage created by Walt and Graham.

This is a short extract from Walt Shaw and Graham Foster's 62 minute sound and video work Rubble, commissioned for the Osnabruck Biennial exhibition and shown in the Kunsthalle Dominikankirche the Summer of 2006. Walt and Graham perform music / live performance gigs as Mahood and have used this work as the basis for a number of shows in the UK and Germany.

Rubble (extract)

Video filmed by Elizabeth Lumme

Extract from 'Rubble' Osnabruck Bienalle performance.

Rubble (extract)

Video filmed by Elizabeth Lumme

Extract from 'Rubble' Lingen performance.