Node / Mass / Flow

Collaborative Projects: Node / Mass / Flow

'Node / Mass / Flow' or 'Disaster Box' 2012

The co-curators of this project were Walt Shaw, Geoff Bright, Gillian Whiteley and Matt Harling.

'Node / Flow / Mass' was an improvised sound and action piece, bringing together over 50 vocal and musical improvisers from the Midlands and Yorkshire, performing in the post-industrial site of Magna, Rotherham. Birmingham Improvisers' Orchestra and the unique experimental anti-choir Juxtavoices provided the core of the performers along with musicians from all over the country.

The piece worked with the idea of social processes and flows where individuals gathered in groups, congregated as large collectives and dispersed once again. Through sound, it explored the history and atmosphere of the building and the spirit involved in the evacuation of the workplace. All inspired by the original 1970s steelworks' 'Disaster Box' which contained plans, maps and procedures for evacuation in the event of a catastrophic explosion.

At its height the performance made a powerful attempt to recreate the force and intensity of the steelworks when it was in full flow 30 years ago

Node | Flow | Mass : Disaster Plan

The video is the work of Andrew Martyn Sugars