Collaborative Projects: Surface


Gigs at Deda Derby and Liverpool University, Chester College.

'Surface' was a fusion of contemporary dance and experimental percussion / electronics, involving improvisation in a tight structure in a visual art setting.

The work ranged from great subtlety to raw, even visceral expression.

The set for Surface was created by Joanna Geldard but acted as a visual installation in its own right. This was accessed by the public for several hours prior to the actual performances. The music played for this installation was produced by Walt and can be listened to in the solo part of the Music section on this website.

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Joanna Geldard:

Surface (extract)

Regionally based artists Joanna Geldard and Walt Shaw, who both come from a visual art practice in addition to their professional backgrounds in contemporary dance and sound sclupture/experimental music - brought their combined experience to bear in a collaboration to create their unique and compelling work, Surface.