Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra

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In the band:

The musicians in B.I.O. varies over time.

In total there are about 35 musicians who have played with the band.


Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra directed by Mike Hurley

BIO aims to create a focus for creative music making in Birmingham and the wider Midlands area. It is made up of musicians who are concerned with improvisation regardless of their particular chosen area of musical activity. Although at the heart of its activities will always be improvisation, it also seeks to encourage composition initially at least in the form of BIO-Activities provided by members of the group and a pool of pre-existing classics. It also seek to generate creative partnerships with like minded people from across a broad range of disciplines whether they be musical or from art forms.

BIO was formed by Mike Hurley and Bruce Coates in 2006.

They have performed amongst other places at the CBSO Centre , Birmingham, Coventry University, Deda, Derby & Magna in Rotherham.


Video shot and made by A Hal Wright

Deda, Derby