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Percussion and electronics

Ben Shaw
Electronics and percussion

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Walt and Ben Shaw have worked together on music projects since 2003. They have produced two CDs, 'Perciphony' and 'Into The Glass Maze'. Ben is a brilliant percussionist and electronica artist, who has been producing music professionally in the music industry for the last 20 years. Have a look at his website on

It's not surprising that Walt and Ben have a high degree of musical telepathy as they share a good deal of DNA.



Perciphony was made in March 2003 at Kensal Green, London by Ben Shaw and Walt Shaw, both playing a range of percussion instruments. These were gongs, cymbals, sound plates, singing bowls, bells springs, drums, Victorphone and Perciphone, African thumb piano, chains, hands, cowbells, slit drum, shaker, whistles, voice and a range of found objects.

The Perciphone and Victorphone are home-made instruments, incorporating strings, sheet metal, tiny cymbals, woodblocks and found objects. No artificial sound sources were used.

Sound engineering and production by Ben Shaw.


Into The Glass Maze

Coleopteron is the name for a collaborative project between myself and Ben Shaw.

"Into The Glass Maze" was recorded live by Coleopteron in April 2009, then produced and mixed by Ben Shaw in October 2009.

The original sound sources in the album are almost exclusively acoustic, though much electronic manipulation has taken place during the performance, as well as the post production of the album. 

The whole CD can be downloaded free if you go to Ben's website (see above).