Music: Bands - M'Alloy

In the band:


Alan Jenkins
Bass clarinet, saxes

Mark Miller

Graham Foster
Bass & electronics

Alison Kamsika
A variety of instruments


M'Alloy is a band of 5, sometimes 6 musicians, from the Midlands. The guiding principles are free improvisation and experimentation. They have close links with Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra and have collaborated with them on a number of occasions. M'Alloy usually collaborate too with not only other musicians, but also contemporary dancers, performance and visual artists, notably Joanna Geldard, Vitor Azevedo and Paul Calderwood. They have been integral in some significant cross-disciplinary projects eg.'Synaesthesia' and 'Migration' (with B.I.O.), with performances around the Midlands. They worked with the above artists and Matt Harling, on a project, 'Melt', in conjunction with the erstwhile steel plant, 'Magna' in Rotherham.

'M'Alloy' have done gigs at various Derby venues, including playing at the opening of the International Print Exchange organised by Green Door printmaking studios. They have also played at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-on-Trent and music festivals.


Photograph by A. Hal Wright