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Corey Mwamba

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I first started playing with Corey Mwamba in 1999.

Shortly afterwards we played some gigs as a duo.

This subsequently led to 2 CDs, BioChem and Biologue.

These can be found and listened to on Corey's website (see above). Our music together is totally improvised.

I also played with Corey in 'Symbiosis Ensemble' on his giant project 'Nature's Glory, Fancy's Child' in 2005.

We worked together on the A.C.E. project 'Dialectic' and now enjoy playing together in Martin Archer's 10 piece band, 'Engine Room Favourites'.

From the off I've always enjoyed working with Corey who is a constant inspiration.


Photograph by George Harris.



'Biochem' was recorded at Derby University recording studios in 2001, at what was the Green Lane annex. Thanks are due to the staff and students from the music technology course who made the recording possible. 

Track Listing:
1. Duo

2. Gong Solo (Walt Shaw)
3. Corey Solo (Corey Mwamba)
4. Duo