Skin & Bone

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In the band:

Skin & Bone are -three Derby musicians, George Grignon, Greg Rawson and myself.

They are sometimes joined by a fourth drummer, from Leicestershire, Lee Boyd Allatson.


They have so far done 2 gigs in Derby, performing a number of pieces, all exploring different bones in the human body, from the vertebral column to the tiny bones of the middle ear.


SKIN & BONE are a new trio with a difference, three percussionists!

They are three musicians bringing different backgrounds and styles to the sound-table.

Rather than meet somewhere in the middle, they explode in the middle, with a host of polyrhythms, sound textures and exciting grooves, some you can even dance to.

'Drum battles' it is not, the four compliment each other, weaving sound tapestries sometimes delicate and intricate, sometimes powerful.

The work of 'Skin & Bone' crosses over between compositional and improvised territory.

Photograph by David Edge. Left to right: George Grignon, Walt Shaw, Greg Rawson.