The Dust Collectors

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In the band:

Members have included:

Lorin Halsall
Double Bass / Susaphone / Projections / Theremin and Vocals

Cedric Monzali
Drums / Percussion /Vocals

Chris Tree
Guitar / Saxophone /Vocals

Mitzy Valentine
Vocals / Flute / Words

George Harris
Flugelhorn / Harmonica / Vocal & Reel To Reel Tape Machine

Victoria Potterton
Trumpet / Vocals / Puppets

Daniel Robertson
Trombone / Vocals

Nick Gregory
Piano Accordeon

Walt Shaw
Percussion / Electronics / Vocals / Megaphone

Claire Stewart
Violin / Vocals

Rob Barber
Drums / Percussion

Jerry Hope
Spoken Word / Flugelhorn / Inspiration

Andrew Wilson
Saxophone / Bat / Toys


Alice Graham
Tap Dancer


Walt says about his work with 'The Dust Collectors'.

"I first came across 'The Dust Collectors' around 2003. I was impressed by their original and idiosyncratic sound and approach. I was delighted to join 'The Dust Collectors' in early 2005, playing percussion, electronics and also using my voice a lot! At the time the two founder and leading members were Lorin Halsall and Jerry Hope, two very inspiring characters. Sadly Jerry died in 2008, but for us all he remains a lasting inspiration as a wonderful, charismatic and creative figure.

Since 'The Dust Collectors' folded a few years back, I have continued musical and other creative episodes with both Lorin and George Harris, who now lives in London. I have done several gigs wih Lorin in different groupings. I found my work with The Dust Collectors, not only tremendous fun, but it helped inform some of my own personal projects. The band had a superb open approach to creativity, stepping as true mavericks across different boundaries, often too across disciplines. I cherish my period of work with them."

From 2006 to 2009 Walt played with the Derby / Nottingham band 'The Dust Collectors'.

The Dust Collectors are a maelstrom of warped grooves, strange beats and vaudeville pop with just a wiff of free jazz and cantankerous experimentation.

Described by some as being " the house band of a Victorian asylum in a David Lynch movie. Visually and sonically stunning, the Dust Collectors stroll the line between genius and insanity."

Dusted Magazine. (Not affiliated)

The Dust Collectors began their glorious path to musical weirdness amidst a deluge of rain, a broken down Dragon (Mechanical) and a delapedated flea circus.

In 2002 they were two, but collected members along the way to form a twisted orchestra designed to explore the diverse realms of performance using words, sonics and the cinematic.

Past ventures have seen the Dust Collectors:

• Collaborate with Film Makers and members of the Magic Circle to construct an original theatre performance to coincide with Quad, Derby's major arts organization's exhibition on the theme of magic.
• A week of collaboration with Pat Thomas (International Pianist and Free Improvisor)
• Orchestrating and performing live soundtracks to the silent films of Murneau's 'Nosferatu' & Hitchcock's 'The Stranger'.
• Writing / producing their own films and playing live accompaniment to 'The Steam Priests' and 'The Men Without Eyes' with filmmaker and musician Jon Samsworth.
• Creating a soundtrack to Shadow Puppet narratives in a collaboration of strange theatre within the context of Derby's Festival of Arts event.


• Bonsai Animals Roam Wild and Free Across the Insides of our Skin CD2002
• The Green Queen featuring the Orchestra of Frost CD2004
• Music For the Scrap Yard Dancehalls CD2006
• He Came From The Sea CD2008
• Somnambulist CD 2009

Information coutesy of The Dust Collectors facebook page