The Martin Archer Trio

Music: The Martin Archer Trio

In the band:

Martin Archer

Michael Bardon
Double bass and cello

Walt Shaw
Drums and percussion

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"From Sonny Rollins, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman to Evan Parker and Steve Lacy, the trio line-up has produced classic recordings. This See You album carries the weight of history. Critically Martin Archer/Michael Bardon/Walt Shaw meet the challenge head on, by the time your ears get to the final track, Improvisation In Traditional Form, I promise you’ll hear a superb spontaneous elegy song stirring all those ‘improvising masters’ mentioned above as well as creating enough space to form their own distinct lines of language." - Steve Day

I have wanted to make a trio recording – that simplest and yet most demanding configuration for any saxophone player – for many years, but had been unable to decide who the other players should be. It was only when I heard Michael’s solo work that I realised that his approach to the bass, combined with Walt’s textural playing, would make the foundation which I was looking for. I wanted a trio sound where the saxophone could inhabit the music from within - as opposed to riding upfront in the role of the soloist hero. However, I chose to play mainly tenor saxophone, (supplemented occasionally by sopranino and saxello) to maximise the contrast between jazzier horn lines versus the more abstract playing from the other instruments. Anyhow, grand concept aside, once we met we just played all day, using some simple notated and graphic scores, plus some ideas generated on the spot. We hope you enjoy the resulting sounds. - Martin Archer.


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