Music: Bands - The Deep Tide Quartet

In the band:

Walt Shaw
Percussion & amplified objects
Hervé Perez
Matt Harling
Saxes and home-built instruments


January 2013
Recording in subterranean tunnel at Magna, Rotherham
July 28th 2013
'Luna Fringe', Leytonstone, London
May 7th 2013
'Fizzle', Birmingham
September 14th 2013
O.T.T., Sheffield
Sat 16 August 2014, 7pm onwards
Artsmith LIVE Gallery, with guest Lorin Halsall
August 2014
Gig at OTT, Sheffield with Mick Beck guesting on bassoon

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WHM formed in January 2013. Walt, Hervé and Matt share a similar philosophy about their approach to improvisation. This led to the recording in the tunnel at Magna, now a Science and steel heritage centre, but once a very busy, active and huge steel plant. This location was chosen for 3 reasons, its history, the highly resonant acoustic and the fact that the three of us had been involved in 'Disaster Box' at Magna the previous year and so had a real empathy with the feel of the environment.

The band then went on to meet regularly for rehearsal sessions, once again often in post-industrial locations, leading to gigs.

Matt builds instruments and in addition to 'normal' saxophones, he plays a saxophone / trombone hybrid with a remarkable bell, a 'saxobone'. Also on the tunnel recording we all used a sound sculpture prototype built by Matt.

Hervé plays 'normal' saxophones, but certainly employs an extended range of extraordinary sounds.

Walt uses a range of percussion with WHM, sometimes with home-built instrumentation and often with contact mikes and low-tech electronics too.

High energy trio with a wide range of dynamics and styles, rapidly shifting from powerful free jazz to minimal improvisation. Their focus on minute sounds and close communication allows them to flow naturally and improvise rich textures, subtle microtonal passages, feasts of extended techniques and melodic lines with telepathic quality.

Their music is continually surprising as they stay clear of cliches, and keep exploring new sounds, new techniques: discovering ways and objects that will alter the structure of their instruments and their playing.

The engagement and energy the group puts into their performances make the live experience really unique, that no description or recording can capture.


Photograph by George Harris




Recorded live in Magna earth tunnel on 12 January 2013.

Mastered at Nexttime Studios. Sound & visuals by Hervé Perez. 

Track Listing:
1. The Earth Tunnel Experiment pt 1
2. The Earth Tunnel Experiment pt 2
3. The Earth Tunnel Experiment pt 3